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Floor Maintenance in Auburndale, FL

Bona Hardwood Floor Care

Bona Hardwood Floor Care System

Proper floor care is essential to protecting your floors and maintaining its beauty. In three easy steps, Bona Harwood Floor care system, ensures anything from liquid spills to tough stains and even scuff marks will be removed without leaving any residue or most importantly dulling your floor's finish! The use of microfiber technology makes sure that no dirt is left behind like with ordinary mops. When used dry the MicroPlus mop attracts dust and common household allergens, and when used wet with Bona floor cleaners dirt, dust, and grime are absorbed and eliminated, restoring your floor's to their original beauty!
Step 2: Spray & Clean
Lightly mist a small area of your floor or mist cleaning pad directly with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
Step 1: Vacuum
Vacuum, dry mop, or sweep to remove any loose dirt or grit.
*If using the Bona MicroPlus mop to dry mop, remove any dirt or grit after dry-mopping by rinsing with water out then wringing out the mop pad prior to cleaning floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
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Step 3: Spray & Clean
Using a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Bona MicroPlus cleaning pad, throughly clean the floor surface using your Bona MicroPlus Mop. FInish one area before moving to the next. If mop pad becomes soiled, throughly rinse with water and wring pad out then continue cleaning. If mop pad becomes overally solid, launder mop pad and replace with clean mop pad. Continued use of overally solid pads can cause streaking. All Bone MicroPLus cleaning pads are washable and reusable.
**Do not use any fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleach on your MicroPlus cleaning pads as these products will diminish the natural cleaning characteristics of the microfiber.

When any spill occurs, soak up the liquid right away. Mist the area with cleaner, and wipe withe your Bona MicroPlus mop or a MicroPlus floor Cloth
What To Do:
  • Vacuum or sweep floor regularly.
  • Remove spills promptly using yourBonaMicroPlus mop or Bona MicroPlus Floor Cloth.
  • Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit. Use area rugs in high traffic pathway, at the ends of steps and near doorways. Avoid runner backing or non-ventilated rugs.
  • Use protective pads or caps such as Bona FloorGards on "feet" of furniture.
  • Renew worn surfaces width Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Refresher before the bare wood is exposed. Not for use on Hard Surface floors.
  • Maintain a consistent humidity level between heating seasons in all living areas. Excessive swings in humidity levels will cause hardwood floors to shrink, cup, crack, and show excessive gaps between boards. The use of humidifier and/or dehumidifier systems is recommended where inconsistent humidity levels occur.

What Not To Do:
  • Don't let sand, dirt, or grit build up. They can act like sandpaper and actually abrade and dull your floor finish.
  • Don't damp mop hardwood floors. Too much water can cause the floor to swell or warp.
  • Don't let your pets' claws go untrimmed. Proper claw trimming helps avoid scratches and gouges.
  • Don't walk on your household floors in high heels, and keep heels in good repair.
  • Don't use wax, oil soap or other household cleaners on polyurethane finished wood floors. They can dull today's floor finishes and make refinishing difficult.